Addressing Common Questions Concerning Tooth Whitening

Posted on: 5 July 2016
The color of your teeth is one of the defining attributes of your smile. Unfortunately, it is possible for your teeth to absorb pigments, which can result in the developing unsightly stains. While it is possible to help prevent and reverse this problem, there are many dental patients that are fairly uninformed about these steps. As a result, you might need to have a couple of questions answered if you have only recently noticed that your teeth are developing stains.
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Things You Should Know About A Dental Abscess

Posted on: 17 June 2016
Did you recently notice a small lump on your gums that is near a painful tooth? The lump might be a dental abscess that is filled with toxic pus that can affect your health. The best thing to do is make a prompt appointment with a dentist so he or she can determine if you have a dental abscess and treat it. Take a look at this article to learn some helpful information about a dental abscess in case you have one.
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2 Invisible Alignment Options For Adult Orthodontic Patients

Posted on: 26 May 2016
Although you may desire to have your teeth properly aligned, you may still be uncomfortable with the idea of getting braces. Often, adults view braces as devices for children. Many adults cringe at the thought of large brackets being displayed each time they speak to someone or smile. There are many invisible alignment options that are available to adult orthodontic patients. Here are a few that may make you more comfortable with the idea of having your teeth aligned:
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You Don't Have To Hide Your Smile: Treatment Options To Remove Tetracycline Stains From Your Teeth

Posted on: 10 May 2016
If your teeth have been stained by repeated exposure to tetracycline – or tetracycline-based antibiotics – you'll need the assistance of a cosmetic dentist to get rid of the discoloration. Tetracycline can build up inside the teeth and cause permanent staining. Unfortunately, over-the-counter whitening products will not work to remove tetracycline stains from your teeth. Luckily, your cosmetic dentist will have several treatment options available, depending on the severity of the stains.
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