How Braces Can Protect The Future Health Of Your Teeth

Posted on: 14 April 2018
Chances are if you think about braces, your mind goes to how braces correct the alignment of teeth and can make a smile look great. However, that's not where the abilities of braces end. Braces can help to protect the health of your teeth long after they've been taken off and your alignment corrections are complete. Read on to discover what braces can do for you during and after your teeth alignment is corrected.
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Veneers Vs. Crowns: How Each Cosmetic Method Works

Posted on: 16 March 2018
If you have several problems that have ruined your smile, you may be looking for the best way to fix your teeth. There are several different cosmetic procedures out there, and two you may be deciding between are dental crowns and veneers. Each procedure has its own purpose, and can benefit your smile in their own ways. In general, dental veneers work best when the teeth have small gaps or chips in them, and crowns are best when teeth no longer have the proper strength.
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3 Health Conditions That Can Cause Pain After Dental Implants

Posted on: 26 February 2018
If you want to improve your smile or bite, your dentist may have recommended that you get dental implants. Before your procedure, however, it is important that you work with your physician to manage your chronic medical problems because certain health conditions can lead to an increase in pain following your dental implant surgery. Here are three medical disorders that may heighten your risk for pain after getting your implants, and what you can do about them:
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3 Ways To Get Whiter And Brighter Teeth

Posted on: 22 January 2018
If you have stained or discolored teeth, there are things that you can do to whiten and brighten your teeth so that they look better and make you feel better.  Avoid Staining Foods and Drinks One thing you can do is to protect your teeth from getting further stained or discolored. One way to do that is to avoid foods and drinks that will stain your teeth. You want to avoid foods like blueberries and drinks like red wine, colas, and even coffee.
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