Are You A Candidate For Interproximal Reduction?

Posted on: 9 October 2015
An interproximal reduction is a dental procedure that involves removing some enamel (the outermost part of the teeth) without damaging the inner tissues. It is also known as interdental reduction or teeth shaving, among other dental names. Here are examples of four situations in which you may need the procedure: Your Teeth Are Crowded One of the primary reasons for conducting interproximal reduction is to reduce overcrowding. Your dentist may suggest teeth shaving if the overcrowding is the only issue with your teeth.
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3 Reasons Dental Implants Fail

Posted on: 21 September 2015
The dental implant procedure allows you to replace missing teeth and restore your smile without the use of bridges or partial dentures. It is the only permanent solution, but it is also one that sometimes fails. While rare, there are a few things that can cause dental implant failure. Not Enough Jawbone Density When you get dental implants, a metal post is implanted into the jawbone of the missing tooth. If your tooth has been missing for a while, you might not have sufficient bone, as it can deteriorate over time.
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Oral Piercings & Dental Health: Risks And Consequences

Posted on: 28 August 2015
While oral piercings can be a cool addition to your piercing collection, they can also lead to a number of serious dental issues. Many of the dental issues outlined below will be unavoidable over time, which is why those considering oral piercings should certainly give them a second thought. Gum Disease Oral piercings come into constant contact with the gums, resulting in multiple and repeated injuries. Over time, the gums will begin to react to the interactions by receding.
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3 Tips To Help Keep Your Mouth Healthy With Braces

Posted on: 11 August 2015
Getting braces is exciting because it puts you on the path of having a gorgeous smile with straight teeth. You want to make sure that you care for your oral health while you have braces. This helps to ensure that your smile is beautiful once your orthodontist removes your braces. Keep regular appointments with your dentist and orthodontist for required teeth cleanings and adjustments to your braces. Oral hygiene is extremely important.
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