When Should You Visit A Dentist For A Chipped Tooth?

Posted on: 6 December 2022

You might chip your tooth if you fall face-first or bite into hard ice. In addition, failing to brush your teeth routinely can lead to weak teeth that eventually chip. If this happens, you may feel self-conscious about your mouth's appearance. Thus, here are instances where you should visit a dentist for a chipped tooth:

Sensitivity and Pain

In some cases, the chip may be slight, accompanied by no discomfort. However, you might suffer pain and sensitivity if the break is more serious. These indicate that the issue has started affecting the nerve in your tooth. As such, when you take chilled or hot drinks, you are likely to experience moderate to excessive pain. Unfortunately, the sensitivity could point to underlying issues like decay. In any case, you should schedule an appointment immediately to see a dentist.

A Bigger Chip

At first, a seemingly insignificant chip might not worry you. Yet, the chip can worsen, e.g., due to poor oral hygiene, like skipping out on brushing your teeth routinely. Thus, on noticing that there's more breakage, contact a professional promptly. This way, your dentist has a chance to save your tooth before it deteriorates completely. For example, you might need crowns or veneers to treat your tooth. Besides this, a filling can help restore your tooth's proper functioning.

Bite Issues

You can bite and chew food effectively when your teeth are in excellent condition. However, if they chip, you may experience bite issues. If your teeth are incapable of aligning properly while chewing and biting, you should visit a dentist, as ignoring this issue can cause more damage. For instance, your enamel might wear out and contribute to teeth grinding. Accordingly, you need expert treatment, such as bonding or veneers, to manage bite issues.

Negatively Impacting Your Smile

Breakage to your front teeth can be visible to everyone. For this reason, you might not smile very often due to self-consciousness. Even so, you can see an expert who may suggest veneers to correct this issue. Notably, if a chipped tooth is affecting your social life adversely, you can have a dental specialist treat it to help restore your confidence.

The above are instances where you should visit a dentist concerning a chipped tooth. Keep in mind that disregarding this problem can cause significant harm to your tooth. Furthermore, you might experience unbearable pain if you don't get your teeth examined and treated.