Why You Can't Keep Your Wisdom Teeth Forever

Posted on: 29 September 2022

When it comes to the most notorious dental procedures that are commonly known about, perhaps none are as avoided as wisdom teeth extraction. While that certainly makes sense from a broad viewpoint, as it is quite an intensive process, this is also quite bad for your oral health. Wisdom teeth extraction is necessary in almost every case, and delaying or avoiding this only leads to further problems down the track. Here are a few reasons why you should stop trying to avoid wisdom teeth extraction and make sure that you get it done in the near future so you can be done with them. 

Distorts Your Other Teeth

If you do leave your wisdom teeth in for years on end then eventually, they will start to develop, and that means that your other teeth will have far less space to exist in. After all, you do not gain additional gums in your mouth for these new teeth to come through, instead, they push and lean heavily against your other teeth, causing them to get smashed together and sometimes even move on top of each other. This can create a whole host of new dental issues that are far more problematic than a simple wisdom teeth extraction, so don't let it get to this stage or you will regret it.

Infection And Pain

While you may be trying to avoid a painful procedure by dodging your wisdom teeth extraction, all you are really doing is causing more pain for yourself in the long run. When your wisdom teeth come through it can be extremely painful in its own right, far more than a controlled dental procedure like wisdom teeth extraction. This happening on its own also means that there is a chance for infection, and that can lead to further medical issues that can all be avoided by simply getting your wisdom teeth extracted when your dentist advises you to.

Not Useable

Even if you wait for all of this to occur and suffer tremendous amounts of pain as your wisdom teeth come up and distort the rest of your jawline, you still will be left without any new usable teeth. Your wisdom teeth are simply too far back and often set a little bit below the rest of your teeth, which makes them completely impractical to use. There truly is no benefit to leaving your wisdom teeth in and a lot of positives to getting them removed. 

To learn more about wisdom teeth extraction, contact a dental surgeon near you.