Warning Signs You Need To Get Dental Implants

Posted on: 25 August 2022

Are you experiencing severe pain due to a severely damaged tooth or after losing teeth? Or do you use dentures but don't want to deal with denture slippage and adhesives? You might be wondering if implants can fix these issues. Learning a few things about implants will enable you to know if the treatment will fix your current dental problems. Once successfully installed, implants can last many years. This means they will improve the smile and prevent bone loss, among other benefits. This post will share signs you should invest in dental implants.

The Tooth Is Severely Fractured

While dentists can fix a cracked or broken tooth with fillings, bonding, or veneers, repairs might not be a solution if the tooth is severely broken. The other solution is to undergo surgery and get a crown. But before the procedure is conducted, the experts will examine the state of the fractured tooth. The objective is to check its general health and spot problems before surgery. Once they confirm that you're eligible for the procedure, they'll explain how the oral implant procedure will be done and set an appointment. After a successful surgery and recovery, the new implant will function like other teeth.

You're Experiencing Jaw Bone Loss

If you have lost a tooth, you may start wearing dentures. However, if you're experiencing bone loss, your dentist may recommend implant placement. The procedure may be slightly more complex than other treatments, but the benefits can't be ignored. For instance, implants prevent bone loss. After the zirconium or titanium screw is installed on the jawbone socket, it will act like a natural root once it bonds to the tissue. This will stimulate bone tissue growth like the natural tooth roots, minimizing the probability of bone deterioration.

You Do Not Have Some Teeth

Simple tasks like smiling, eating, and talking in public can become problematic if you have certain missing teeth. If you don't want to get dentures, the dentist will likely recommend getting implants. These artificial teeth are an excellent replacement because they fill the entire space that was occupied by the damaged or lost tooth. What's more, you can use the new teeth to chew, the same way you would your other teeth.

Once the dentist confirms that you can undergo surgery, you should prepare adequately. Remember to adhere to their instructions on things to do before and after surgery to ensure your recovery is a success.