4 Of The Most Common Pediatric Dental Issues And Their Solutions

Posted on: 22 November 2021

Parents have increased their awareness of their children's oral health. They are more willing to take their children to dental checkups and teach them about proper oral health. However, pediatric dental health complications still affect a lot of children. Knowing the common problems and how to handle them can help minimize your pet's suffering. Here are four common ones and their possible solutions.  

Cavities and Decaying

Toddlers do not have the motor skills adults have to hold a toothbrush and clean their teeth. As a result, certain parts of their mouth remain with food particles after brushing. The accumulation of food particles on the surface leads to action by the bacteria. Slowly, the child's teeth start corroding. Tooth decay manifests as frequent tooth pain and abscesses in your child's gums. You should oversee your child's toothbrushing process and ensure they do it at least twice every day. If the cavity has formed, the pediatric dentist will know whether to fill or remove the tooth. They typically remove milk teeth with holes when they run too deep. 


Children are rarely as cautious as adults when playing. As a result, they hit one another, throw objects at each other's faces, and fall more often. These accidents often lead to tooth emergencies. A trusted pediatric dentist can help you by responding to a dental emergency as soon as it happens. They deal with chipped teeth, cracks, and knocked-out teeth. You can also call them immediately you experience an emergency. They will guide you through the process of handling it. 


Many children also have to deal with orthodontic issues as they grow. A few are lucky to have their teeth growing in perfect alignment. However, most of the others end up with underbites, overbites, misaligned teeth, and other tooth alignment problems. The possibility to resolve your child's orthodontia depends on how well the dentist diagnoses it. They will realign your teeth with braces or Invisalign.

Excessive Pacifier Use

It is a problem that mainly affects younger children. Excessive thumb sucking interferes with the development of your child's teeth and could even cause misalignment. Pacifiers also lead to decay and poor alignment. The dentist will help your child break the habit and rectify any problem that could have developed. 

Speak to a pediatric dentist about various dental health complications. They will help you determine how big the problem is and the best way to resolve it. Your child will have strong and healthy teeth when you follow professional guidance.