Should You Get Clear Or Metal Braces?

Posted on: 14 October 2021

If you need to get braces to adjust the position of your teeth, you'll need to decide what kind of braces you'll get. Two common types are clear and metal braces. Here is what you need to know about both of these materials. 

Clear Braces

Many people want to have clear braces put on their teeth so that they are not noticeable to others. However, you may not realize that the clear braces may need a metal insert installed on the bracket so that they do not break. The metal piece will give the braces the strength they need to move your teeth. 

You should also know that your orthodontist is not going to use clear brackets on all of your teeth. It is likely that the molars will still have metal brackets placed on them since you can't really see the brackets that far back in your mouth. The rear molars are also more likely to break with a clear bracket because you do more chewing with your molars, so a metal bracket gives it more strength.

Be aware that you'll always see the metal wire when you have clear braces. If you want a treatment that is not noticeable at all, you'll need to use Invisalign. 

Metal Braces

The biggest benefit of metal braces is that they are going to be stronger than clear braces, but the metal is not impervious to damage. They can still crack in half if enough pressure is put on them from the foods that you are eating. That's why it's important to watch what you eat and avoid those foods that are going to be hard on them, such as those that are chewy, crunchy, or sticky. If you're not sure which foods fall into this category, ask your orthodontist at the appointment. 

You'll also notice that the metal brackets are not going to stick out as far as the clear brackets, making them feel a bit more comfortable in your mouth. This will be especially noticeable at first when the brackets are rubbing against your inner cheek and can be extra sensitive. The metal bracket and their slimmer profile will make that initial adjustment period much easier. 

Still interested in learning more about the differences between clear or metal braces? Make sure to ask your orthodontist for their recommendation. They can draw on their years of personal experience to let you know which ones will be best for your teeth.