Fit For A Crown: Understanding How A Dental Crown Should Fit

Posted on: 19 March 2021

Teeth that are considered too fragile can be shored up using dental crowns. These tooth protectors can be made of metal alloys, gold, porcelain, and more. What your teeth look like with a crown is important but there is more to the way a crown fits than just appearance alone. Read on and learn more about the importance of fit when a crown is placed.

Gaps Are Bad 

A crown should fill the spaces between your teeth. That means that the crown is created from a mold based on not just your teeth but to fill in the gap left behind by your inadequate natural tooth. Unfortunately, if you've become fond of a gap between your teeth, you may have to get used to a different look. For the crown to remain stable. It must closely abut your teeth on each side while still leaving just enough room for dental floss to pass. This is not just for the stability of the teeth, however, but it's also to protect your other teeth from shifting and becoming loose. After your crown is placed, let your dentist know if you notice a gap or you cannot get your floss between it and the other teeth.

Loose Teeth Are Also Bad

Your new crown should not feel loose when you eat, drink, or touch it. It can be challenging to get this fit issue just right. In most cases, your natural tooth that sits below the crown may be quite small if a lot of decay had to be removed and that may not give your dentist much tooth to work with. Enough surface area of your natural tooth should be left so that the crown can be cemented to it. A loose crown could be more vulnerable to breaking or it might allow bacteria to enter your teeth and gums. If your crown wiggles around, let your dentist know right away.

Bite Is Important

Bite is the way your teeth feel when you place them together. You may have become accustomed to a misaligned bite and your new bite will feel different and take some getting used to. However, if your bite doesn't feel right after a few weeks, it might have some alignment issues or you might need to give things more time. Be sure and let your dentist know if you are experiencing discomfort with your new crown. 

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