Helping Your Child Get Through A Dental Filling With Ease

Posted on: 2 February 2021

If you have a young child who has a cavity that must be filled, you are likely to be a bit worried about their reaction once they get into a dental chair. Since filling a tooth is more extensive than a cleaning session, take the following steps to help your child get through the appointment successfully.

Ask That The Procedure Is Done Early

If you do not have an appointment for your child's filling until later in the day, they are likely to worry about what is to come if they have never had one in the past. Try to schedule an appointment for the filling as early as possible in the day. This way, your child gets the procedure done before they have a chance to think about it in detail. If your child needs novocaine or laughing gas, it should wear off before it is time for lunch. Early appointments are also helpful as your child will be less likely to be tired or overwhelmed from the day's prior activities. 

Talk About The Process Before It Happens

Instead of trying not to bring up the subject of getting a filling, it is best to encourage your child to ask questions about the process so they are better prepared for the session when it arrives. A child with knowledge about the procedures used is more likely to sit through the session without feeling fearful. If possible, ask your child's dentist to speak to your child about the tasks they do when they fill a tooth. They may have a model of a tooth available to show your child, making it easier to understand exactly why the filling is needed and what is entailed with receiving it.

Sit With Your Child If At All Possible

Most dental practices allow for parents or caretakers to be with their children when dental work is being conducted. Make sure the dentist you select allows for your presence throughout the procedure. Let your child know you intend on being right next to them when they have their tooth filled. Instead of making it seem as if you are there in case they are scared, tell your child you want to observe the procedure for your own curiosity. Talk gently to your child while the filling is being placed so they are aware that the process is going well. Be sure to commend your child during the procedure as well.

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