If You're A Nervous Dental Patient, Follow These Tips

Posted on: 9 November 2020

Do you look at your friends who march into the dentist's office with confidence and wonder how they manage to do it? If you're a nervous dental patient, there's a good chance you do. You may have resigned yourself to the idea that you're always going to feel anxious and apprehensive about going to the dentist, but that does not necessarily have to be the case. The following are a few ways that you can ease your nerves, both during your next appointment and over time.

Visit the dentist's office when you don't have an appointment.

Consider just dropping by the dental office when you do not have an appointment scheduled. Say "hi" to the receptionists, and maybe bring them some coffee or a snack. Chat for a few minutes, and then leave. Do this a couple of times, and your mind will slowly stop associating the dental office with pain and uncomfortable procedures. You'll basically be training your mind to recognize that you can have a relaxed, enjoyable experience in the dental office.

Voice your concerns to friends and family members.

If you're a little ashamed of the nervousness you feel, you may bottle it up inside and not talk about it to family and friends. But when you bottle any emotion up, it tends to get worse. If you start talking about your nervousness, a couple of things will happen. First, in saying your concerns out loud, you may start to realize they sound a little silly. Second, your friends and family members will have a chance to address your concerns and say things that make you feel better. They may even admit that they can relate to your nervousness, which will help you feel less alone.

Ask your dentist about sedation.

Many people assume that sedation can only be used for major dental procedures, like extractions and implants. However, dentists will typically provide mild sedatives even for cleanings and fillings if you request it. They may prescribe an oral sedative pill for you to take an hour before your appointment, or they may have you take a couple of breaths of laughing gas as they're working. Either remedy will bring your nervousness down. After you have a few good dental appointments with sedation, you may start to feel less nervous and be able to proceed without sedation.

You don't have to be a nervous dental patient forever. The tips above will help you ease your nerves and make dental care a less anxiety-driving experience.