Common Questions Your Kids May Have Before Getting Braces

Posted on: 29 May 2019

Getting braces is simply a part of growing up for many children. It was once a dreaded thing that was parodied and portrayed in coming-of-age television shows and films. Times have changed, and braces don't have to traumatize kids. However, many fears remain among young girls and boys who need to wear braces. Consider these common questions your children may have before they get braces.

Why Are Braces Necessary?

For parents who are working hard and making sacrifices to afford braces for their children, it can be irksome when children question why they need to get them at all. However, it's important to push that frustration aside and acknowledge that children have every right to ask why they have to deal with this intrusion to their day-to-day life as a kid.

A children's orthodontist or trusted dentist is the best one to provide the facts about why braces are necessary, but parents can also offer kids insights into the reasons why they need them. Some children need braces because they have crooked teeth while others have an overbite or a "bad bite" where there is a difference in sizes of the top jaw and the bottom jaw. Be as thorough as possible in letting kids know why they need braces. Also, focus on the positive impact that braces can have on their life.

Will Getting Braces Hurt?

Many children fear that braces will be painful. This is a complex issue that children should discuss with their dentist and orthodontist. According to Kids' Health  from Nemours, braces put pressure on teeth, so they may be uncomfortable sometimes. Just after an orthodontist makes an adjustment to braces, they may feel the pressure more.

Assure children that any pressure felt from the braces is temporary, and offer child-friendly pain relievers to help make them comfortable. On the other hand, pain is not just a part of getting braces, so encourage children to immediately discuss any pain they feel with their orthodontist. It should never be ignored.

Will I Need Headgear?

Dental headgear for kids is now much more low-key than it was in the past. According to Nationwide Children's Hospital, dental headgear is now typically only worn between 12 and 14 hour per day. It can vary, so check with your children's orthodontist before making promises, but most children probably won't need headgear along with their braces.

Finally, gently remind children that they are welcome to ask you and their orthodontist any questions that may have. Let them know that no question is wrong or weird. By reassuring your children and encouraging them to open up about their fears, you can help them realize that many fears are unfounded, and that is likely to empower your children to feel good about getting braces.