3 Effective Whitening Treatments To Consider For Yellow Teeth

Posted on: 20 August 2018

One dental issue that can really take its toll on your confidence is yellow teeth. You may have failed to brush properly or ate the wrong things. Whatever caused your teeth to turn yellow over time, all is not lost. You can reverse these effects with the following whitening treatments. 

Whitening Strips 

Today, there are plenty of whitening kits you can use that contain whitening strips. These are intended to go on the front surface of your upper and lower teeth. They contain a special whitening gel that essentially bleaches any yellow stains present.

If you decide to use whitening strips, it's paramount to follow their instructions exactly as stated. You wouldn't want to do severe damage to your tooth enamel, after all. Make sure they're applied correctly, and take them off at the appropriate intervals. You'll also want to research various whitening strip brands so you can choose one that is reputable and delivers the best results. 

At-Home Products 

Just because you're looking to whiten your teeth, doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune. There are actually plenty of great at-home products you can use that are just as effective as commercial products.

For example, strawberries have the remarkable ability to remove yellow stains on teeth thanks to their malic acid makeup. It's potent enough to fade discolored areas on teeth. For optimal results, grind strawberries up into a paste and apply it to your teeth multiple times a day.

Apple cider vinegar is also strong enough to act as a teeth-whitening agent. Simply dip your toothbrush into this solution and spread it over any yellow stains. When used regularly, you should be able to notice whiter teeth.

Professional Whitening 

Probably one of the most effective ways to whiten your teeth is to get help from a cosmetic dentist, who can perform a professional teeth whitening service that works effectively and quickly. The whitening solution they use is generally peroxide. It's effective at fading and potentially removing yellow stains completely. 

This professional whitening service is much safer compared to other methods, as a trained dentist will be administering the whitening solution. With just one treatment, you can have whiter teeth and added confidence.

Yellow teeth can really put a damper on your personal and professional life. Fortunately, there are many whitening methods that have proven to be successful at removing yellow stains. Just be sure to choose a method that you're most comfortable with.

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