Nervous About Your Dental Procedure?

Posted on: 27 September 2017

While you're sitting in the dentist's waiting room you're probably letting your mind run wild about all the pain that is awaiting you. No doubt your friends have been regaling you with horror stories that have you in a twist. Although there's no physical pain, you may be riddled with anxiety which could actually manifest psychosomatic symptoms. If you're afraid of getting too upset in your dentist's office before a big procedure, check out these tips on how to relax before your appointment.

Pick the Right Doctor

Do your research and talk to your friends to find the best orthodontist for you. For the amount of money and time you're going to spend, you don't want to second guess your choice. Just because a doctor has an Ivy League degree on the wall, doesn't mean that he or she is the right choice for you. Choose a doctor who is reassuring and whom you can communicate with easily. Open channels of communication are a must when fine tuning your teeth. Easy communication will also help your doctor guide you through the procedure.

One time when it's really important to research dentists is when you want to opt for sedation dentistry. Different dentists have different rules on the procedures where they're willing to administer laughing gas and anesthesia to patients. So choose someone who is sympathetic to your concerns and willing to consider sedation dentistry. 

Do Your Research

Of course you've heard horror stories about dental mishaps, but like most things a little scientific research can dispel these worries. If you've read some of your dentist or orthodontist's literature, you'll know that aside from some soreness, getting a root canal or braces shouldn't have too many long-term issues. Do your homework so you know what's happening in your mouth. If you know what you're talking about you'll be better able to understand the process and advocate for your needs to your dentist.

Treat Yourself

After you get your dental procedure done, there's a whole list of foods you won't be able to eat from popcorn to caramel. Treat yourself to some of your favorite snacks to help you relax before your procedure.

Get Comfortable

Listening to music to calm your nerves while you're waiting is a great idea. Oral surgery or getting your braces can take a few hours. For many of us, sitting still for that long can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Listening to your favorite music or podcast during the procedure can be a welcome distraction. Since you'll be sitting in one position for such a long time, be sure to wear your most comfortable outfit. If you're really feeling stressed out, bring a stress ball with you or talk to your doctor beforehand about getting some anti-anxiety medication if you have a history with anxiety disorders. Sedation dentistry is also an option.