2 Tips to Help Your Teen Avoid Developing Gum Disease After a Bone Grafting

Posted on: 30 January 2017

Mild or severe gum disease can develop in individuals who have not had any kind of bone grafting done in their mouth. However, this issue can be even more common after a bone-grafting procedure. It is common because it is difficult to keep your mouth completely clean immediately after a bone grafting. If your teen gets the procedure done, then this can be even more of a challenge for them to take on. The only way you can help them completely prevent gum disease is by helping them improve their dental-care routine. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to accomplish this.

Instruct Your Teen to Use Only a Water Flosser Along Their Gum line

Typically, people use a toothbrush to clean as close to their gum line as they can reach. String floss is then used to access in between the teeth and other crevices. After your teen's bone grafting, they should use only a water flosser along their gum line. You will quickly find that using a toothbrush near this area will irritate the gums. In addition, the toothbrush will struggle to fully clean the area. A water flosser will gently clean the gums and the root of the teeth. Your teen should work the device by focusing on one area for a few seconds. The device should not hurt or cause discomfort.

Have Your Teen Carry a Portable Oral Rinse

Having meals outside of the home may not be a common occurrence, but they can ruin your teen's dental-care routine when they do happen. Therefore, carrying a portable oral rinse outside of the home will ensure that they are able to remove bacteria and any other buildup quickly. On the other hand, if your teen frequently eats meals outside the home, then an oral rinse will ensure that plaque buildup does not occur along their gum line. This plaque can quickly become gum disease if your teen is not careful. Portable oral rinses can be purchased in store in a travel size. In addition, you can make your own from home using antibacterial herbs like peppermint and thyme. Allow the herbs to steep for a few hours in a small portable bottle before using.

A bone-grafting procedure should not cause your teen to worry about their oral health. Use these tips to make sure that your teen can keep their oral health in check.