Three Nuances To Consider When Selecting A Veneer Color

Posted on: 29 August 2016

Veneers are a less invasive form of plastic surgery that can quickly give you the perfect smile. If you want to change you tooth shape and make your teeth straight without having to wait for several years through braces, you can get veneers. Porcelain veneers also of benefit to those who have lost teeth or have teeth that are different colors that would be difficult to heal in other ways. Prior to getting veneers, there are some nuances that you should think about. Here are three considerations to think about when choosing a veneer color. 

Don't go too white if you are not used to the shade

If you are not used to teeth that are very white, it can be a good idea to go down the color scale when selecting veneers. Although you may dream of having a stark white smile, the reality is that this can look a little fake on you. Try several different colors with your doctor until you can select a color that fits the bill for your perfect smile and looks believable for your particular mouth. It's a good idea to match the shade to the whites of your eyes for a realistic color.

Dark gums may be able to hold whiter teeth

Those who have darker gums may have an advantage over those who have pink gums. The darkness of the gum can make the teeth look whiter, no matter the actual shade of the teeth. If you have darker colored gums, you may be able to select everything from white to several different shades of off white and look like you have the perfect smile. If you do decide to go with the whitest shade, ask to take a look at photos of others who have darker colored gums with white teeth as a reference point for how the shade will appear in your mouth. 

Veneers never darken

Regular teeth tend to darken over time; however, veneers do not darken. Some people are under the impression that because veneers are applied and used as teeth, that they have all of the same properties of teeth when placed in the mouth. From the onset, you will need to select the veneer color that you want to utilize for good. Do not pick a set of veneers with the idea that the veneer will change colors in the future, as this is not a property of porcelain veneers. Since porcelain is a dense material, the color will not pick up stains. Go with a shade that makes permanent sense for your lifestyle and expectations. 

For more information, speak with a cosmetic dentist.