3 Reasons Professional Hockey Players Should Invest In Porcelain Onlays

Posted on: 1 April 2016

For many people, hockey players and missing teeth go hand-in-hand. While the rough nature of the sport of hockey does result in some dental issues, modern hockey players are opting to have their dental problems addressed in order to maintain an attractive appearance.

When it comes to caring for teeth, porcelain onlays can be a great option for professional hockey players. Here are three reasons why players should consider investing in porcelain onlays in the future.

1. The addition of porcelain onlays to a player's smile could increase earning potential.

In addition to the wages they earn through their affiliation with a professional hockey organization, many players choose to supplement their income with sponsorship and endorsement deals. An attractive smile can make a player a more viable candidate for companies who wish to feature images of the player on products or advertising.

Porcelain onlays have the ability to easily create a uniform, white smile that is sure to make any potential partner leap at the chance to include images of a player on their promotional materials and products in the future.

2. Fixing minor damage with porcelain onlays could prevent more serious damage in the future.

Over the course of their career, a hockey player will likely experience a chipped or cracked tooth. If the damage to the tooth is not severe enough to warrant removal, making the decision to invest in porcelain onlays could help shield the damaged tooth from more serious problems (like extensive decay or nerve damage) in the future.

Having a dentist place an only over a chipped or cracked tooth adds strength and durability to the existing tooth structure, ensuring that the next time a player is hit the tooth won't sustain additional damage.

3. Porcelain onlays can be installed quickly.

While many hockey players want to maintain a nice smile, they don't want to do so at the expense of playing time. Some dental procedures can take several weeks to complete, and result in a player missing important games.

A dentist like Dr. David K. Skeels can typically install porcelain onlays in a single appointment, ensuring that a player is able to get back on the ice as quickly as possible.

Maintaining an attractive smile is important for modern professional hockey players. Investing in porcelain onlays is a good way to increase potential sponsorship earnings, reinforce a tooth that has sustained minor damage, and address dental problems quickly and efficiently.