Five Foods To Eat When You're Recovering From A Dry Socket

Posted on: 16 June 2015

After a dentist pulls a tooth out of your mouth with a pair of orthodontic pliers, a blood clot will form over the exposed socket. If this blood clot clears up too quickly, bone and nerves exposed to the open air will cause great pain. Luckily, after you go back to your dentist and get a gauze to cover a dry socket, eating these five foods instead of messy junk food will help you to avoid pain.


Since smoothies are so delicious, they're a great distraction if you're getting tired of your restricted diet. If you buy a smoothie with several different types of fruits in it, you'll also getting a lot of much needed vitamins.

While a new blood clot is forming, make sure that you eat all of your smoothies with a spoon instead of a straw. The sucking motion you have to make in order to drink with a straw will disturb your sore socket almost as much as smoking will.

Lukewarm Soup

Soup is an obvious choice for a food that won't be too hard on a fragile mouth. But no matter what soup you choose to eat while your dry socket is recovering, make sure that you wait until it cools to a comfortable lukewarm temperature.

Instant Noodles

There are several ways to eat instant noodles. If you want to eat noodles while you're waiting for a blood clot in your dry socket to form, your best option is to eat the noodles without any accompanying liquid. To do this, rather than applying the seasoning when they're covered in water, drain the noodles and apply the seasoning directly.

Mashed Potatoes

As long as they've been mashed so much that no large chunks remain, mashed potatoes are a good thing to eat while you're waiting for your dry socket to heal. While putting butter on the potatoes is fine, make sure that any gravy you apply isn't too hot.


If you must have some kind of meat while you're recovering from a dry socket, salmon is a great choice. Although it doesn't have as juicy of a flavor as beef does, it's a lot softer. You won't have to keep it near your dry socket as long as you'd have to keep other meats in your mouth.

While a dry socket is generally a short term problem, you don't want to prolong severe mouth pain any more than you have to. Therefore, it's imperative that you monitor everything you eat and avoid even the smallest piece of food that could hurt a forming blood clot in your dry socket. If you're still experiencing pain several days after the extraction, contact a dentist like those at Rose City Dental Care.