Foods That Promote Healing after Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Posted on: 28 May 2015

Having your wisdom teeth removed can be quite painful and knowing what to eat after the surgery is not common knowledge to many people. While you should eat soft foods after having your wisdom teeth extracted, knowing which soft foods actually promote healing can make shorten your recover time. Here are the best foods to eat after having your wisdom teeth removed.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Many people choose to eat mashed potatoes after having their wisdom teeth removed because it is a soft, easy dish to prepare. If you want to get the most benefits from what you eat, make mashed sweet potatoes instead of mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin C that has been proven to decrease the amount of time it takes for wounds to heal. You can wrap a sweet potato in a wet paper towel and microwave it until it is soft. Place it in a bowl of cold water and peel the skin away quickly and easily. You can then add some butter, a little brown sugar, and some honey to the potato before mashing it to create a delicious and healthy meal.


Yogurt has been proven to promote wound healing thanks to the protein, vitamins, and minerals it contains. It is best to choose yogurt that does not contain artificial sweeteners. Greek yogurt has more protein than any other form of yogurt so it is best to choose Greek yogurt if you want to help your wounds heal as quickly as possible.


Eggs can be scrambled, boiled, or fried to create a delicious meal that will help your wounds heal quickly. Eggs are packed with protein that helps to promote cell generation that is needed to heal the wounds that are left behind in your mouth when the wisdom teeth are removed.


Bananas are soft foods that are very easy to eat after you have had surgery. Bananas contain vitamin C that has been shown to help speed the rate of healing in an open wound and help to prevent an infection from setting in as you heal.

It is important to follow the advice of your dentist closely to ensure that you decrease the chances of developing an infection. It will take a few days before the soreness starts to dissipate, but it is important to keep eating so that you can provide your body with the nutrients it needs to heal properly. Be sure to check with a dental extraction specialist like A Q Denture Services for other suggestions.